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Trinity Childminders is a daycare centre located in Fazerkeley area of Liverpool. We are a long-established Childminders providing care for children before and after school and during school holidays. Our professional staff provide a friendly, fun and stimulating environment in which children can play.

We continue to provide a successful program that allows children to interact in a safe environment whilst providing them with fun activities. This helps them to learn social skills which will prove fundamental throughout their lives. We provide good quality child care and a wide range of stimulating and enriching activities that are structured, recreational, educational, as well as play-orientated. Throughout your child’s stay at Trinity Childminders, they will experience activities that help to build self-esteem, confidence, social skills to help them develop positive relationships with their peers and adults alike.

Our staff are friendly, enthusiastic and fully committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all children. They also ensure the children enhance their creative, physical and emotional development.

Activities include the following:

Arts and crafts




Circle time

Homework support



Table & board games

Book reading

Story telling

“My daughter loves to go to Trinity Childminders. They make learning fun. She talks fondly of all the staff. I still receive daily reports, which tell me how she eats, sleeps and plays. That can tell me a lot about any changes in her moods in the evenings.”

Linda, Aintree

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Address: 1 Lower Lane, Fazakerley Liverpool L9 7AD

Telephone: 0151 523 4640   Email: info@trinitychildminders.co.uk

Our Safe Operation Procedures (COVID19)

The latest scientific evidence indicates that COVID-19 appears to affect young children less often and with less severity. The role of children in transmission is unclear, but it seems likely that they do not play a significant role.

The Department for Education has recently published guidance which, when followed, will allow nurseries and creches to care for children safely and minimise the risk of transmission of the coronavirus. At Trinity Childminders we are totally committed to the prevention of COVID19 within our creche.



A lthough the level of physical  interaction within our creche is  unavoidable, the way we aim to  reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission is to maintain small groups and minimise physical interaction between these groups.

Cleaning & hand washing

We have increased cleaning  practices  significantly  to reduce  the  spread  and  transmission  of  the  coronavirus. All staff must wash their hands with soap and water upon each arrival to the creche and children are  encouraged to do the same.


& symptom


We implement a routine temperature testing, and follow  the  national  advice  on  the  kind  of  symptoms  to look out for (e.g. continuous coughing, high temperature).

Drop off & collection

To minimise traffic in the nursery, parents are asked to drop off/collect their children at the main entrance and not to enter the creche unless necessary. Parents waiting to drop off and collect  are  asked to maintain social distancing at all times.